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Repairing Our Planet, One Farewell at a Time

At Earth Direct Cremation, we recognise the importance of minimising our environmental impact. Our eco-friendly cremation process employs state-of-the-art technology and sustainable practices to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and protect the planet for future generations.

Our Responsibility

Our Values and Mission

Resource Efficiency

Our cremation model minimises environmental impact by utilising only the essential resources and opting for renewable and earth-freindly products whenever possible. We prioritise efficiency to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Our Commitment

Carbon Offsetting

Earth Direct Cremation takes responsibility for its carbon emissions by calculating the carbon footprint of every service. Through partnerships with leading (charitable) environmental organisations, we invest in Federal Government accredited carbon offsets. For every tonne of carbon generated by our services we guarantee to offset at least two tonnes. In this way we move beyond the old ‘carbon-neutral’ standard to embrace a carbon-positive future.

Our Impact

Environmental Restoration

As a registered environmental charity we take our commitment to environmental stewardship seriously. As well as carbon offsetting, we invest surplus funds to support the planting of native flora and a range of conservation and restoration programs implemented by our environmental partners.

Our Carbon Positive Guarantee

We firmly believe that every action counts in safeguarding our planet. By choosing Earth Direct Cremation, you’re contributing to global efforts to combat climate change and preserve the natural world. That’s why we guarantee that each service is not just carbon neutral, but Carbon Positive – a responsible choice to help secure a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren. Together, we can make a positive impact and leave a legacy of a cleaner, healthier planet.

How we source our Australian Carbon Credits

Earth Direct Cremation sources high-quality Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from GreenCollar and Nature Foundation projects. GreenCollar is an environmental project developer that works with farmers, graziers, traditional owners and land managers to improve the environment and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Nature Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that is committed to protecting, conserving, and restoring Australian landscapes, flora and fauna. It manages over 500,000 hectares of unique habitat across 7 conservation reserves, investing in ecological research to monitor the impact of various conservation programs aimed at protecting threatened species and their habitats.

ACCUs are regulated by the Australian Government and assist us to meet our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet for future generations.

Environmental Impact FAQs

What does “Carbon Positive” mean?

Carbon Positive means that an activity goes beyond achieving zero carbon emissions (carbon neutral) and actually creates an environmental benefit by restoring ecosystems and removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How does Earth Direct Cremation minimise its environmental impact?

We prioritise eco-friendly practices throughout our cremation process, including carbon-neutral operations and sustainable transportation methods.

What happens to the ashes after the cremation process?

Following the families instructions, we arrange for the ashes to be returned for memorialisation or scattering.

Does Earth Direct Cremation use environmentally friendly materials?

Yes, we minimise impact by using cardboard caskets made using recycled materials and designed specifically for cremation.

How does Earth Direct Cremation support environmental conservation efforts?

We partner with environmental organisations and participate in reforestation projects to offset our carbon emissions and promote biodiversity.

Can families contribute to Earth Direct Cremation's environmental initiatives?

Yes, families can choose to make fully tax-deductible donations to our environmental fund, supporting tree-planting initiatives and other sustainability efforts.

Real experiences, real feedback

From the moment I contacted Earth Direct, their compassionate staff handled every detail with sensitivity and professionalism. Their respectful treatment of my husband brought me great comfort. I'm grateful for the care they provided and highly recommend Earth Direct to anyone in need of their services.

Carol Goudie

After reaching out I had one of the most heart warming and caring conversations with Kevin Hartley who went to enormous lengths to design for us a funeral that respected everything mum and I stood for. The relief for me was beyond words, at the end of the day I found enormous peace in mum's passing knowing everything was being done for the right reasons and in the right way.
Forever thankful

Renee Nutbean

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