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Cultivating Memories, Enriching Environments

At Earth Direct Cremation, we believe in leaving a meaningful legacy that extends beyond our time on Earth. Our Legacy Bequest program allows families to make tax deductible donations that create a lasting impact by funding native flora planting and preservation efforts in partnership with our trusted, charitable environmental partners. Through Legacy Bequests, families can honour their loved ones while contributing to the health and sustainability of our planet for future generations.

Legacy Bequest

Working with our environmental partners, Legacy Bequests are directed to a variety of conservation, planting and restoration works, contributing to  living memorials that honour a life lived.

Honouring Legacies & Protecting Nature

Our Legacy Bequest program empowers families to establish a lasting living memorial in honour of their loved ones. These contributions support native flora planting and preservation efforts, fostering the restoration and sustainability of our Memorial Forest sites. Each Legacy Bequest serves as a tribute to cherished memories and a gift to future generations, embodying a profound legacy of love and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Benefits of Legacy Bequests

Legacy Bequest FAQs

What is a Legacy Bequest and how does it differ from the cost of cremation services?

A Legacy Bequest is a tax-deductible donation that funds native flora planting and preservation efforts in our Memorial Forest sites. It is separate from the cost of cremation services and serves as a lasting tribute to the loved one’s memory.

How do Legacy Bequests contribute to environmental conservation?

Legacy Bequests support the restoration and sustainability of our Memorial Forest sites by funding native flora planting and preservation, promoting biodiversity, and creating permanent living memorials for loved ones.

Can I customise my Legacy Bequest to reflect my loved one's interests?

Yes, you can customise your Legacy Bequest to align with your loved one’s passions and values, ensuring a meaningful and personalised tribute to their life.

Are Legacy Bequests tax-deductible?

Yes, Legacy Bequests are tax-deductible donations, providing families with the opportunity to support environmental conservation efforts while honouring their loved ones.

How do I make a Legacy Bequest?

To make a Legacy Bequest or learn more about the options available, please contact us directly to discuss your preferences and preferences

Real experiences, real feedback

From the moment I contacted Earth Direct, their compassionate staff handled every detail with sensitivity and professionalism. Their respectful treatment of my husband brought me great comfort. I'm grateful for the care they provided and highly recommend Earth Direct to anyone in need of their services.

Carol Goudie

After reaching out I had one of the most heart warming and caring conversations with Kevin Hartley who went to enormous lengths to design for us a funeral that respected everything mum and I stood for. The relief for me was beyond words, at the end of the day I found enormous peace in mum's passing knowing everything was being done for the right reasons and in the right way.
Forever thankful

Renee Nutbean

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