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Real experiences, real feedback

From the moment I contacted Earth Direct, their compassionate staff handled every detail with sensitivity and professionalism. Their respectful treatment of my husband brought me great comfort. I'm grateful for the care they provided and highly recommend Earth Direct to anyone in need of their services.

Carol Goudie

In March '23 my mum's 7 year battle with dementia ended. In the final week of mum's life I had to face the process of organising her burial. I kept putting it off as I was deeply disturbed by the funeral industry, and how it conflicts with everything I stand for around sustainability, looking after the earth and ensuring the burial was deeply respectful to her beliefs in life. In her final days I was beside myself as I perceived I had no choice but to take the typical clinical, formulated ‘white glove’ funeral process that really is at the end of the day there for one thing, profit.
Thankfully I remembered reading about a group that had developed an environmentally friendly coffin made of cardboard. I soon discovered Earth Funerals. After reaching out I had one of the most heart warming and caring conversations with Kevin Hartley who went to enormous lengths to design for us a funeral that respected everything mum and I stood for. The relief for me was beyond words, knowing that not only was every part of the process designed to protect the environment but also the fact that we were supporting a model that based on social impact return for those that struggle to even pay for a funeral, rather than profit for those that in relative terms don't need to profit.
At the end of the day I found enormous peace in mum's passing knowing everything was being done for the right reasons and in the right way.
Forever thankful

Renee Nutbean