Carbon Positive Cremations

Sustainable, Eco-Conscious Cremations

Virtually everything we humans do draws on our planet’s natural resources. The Earth’s ecosystem is robust and self-renewing, but it’s a living thing that has limits. We know now that during the last couple of centuries we have begun to use natural resources faster than the Earth can renew them, and this is causing an imbalance in the natural world.

That’s why we are committed to offering a service that is not just carbon neutral, but Carbon Positive – a responsible choice to help secure a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren.

What does “Carbon Positive” mean?

Carbon Positive means that an activity goes beyond achieving zero carbon emissions (carbon neutral) and actually creates an environmental benefit by restoring ecosystems and removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

What steps has Earth Direct taken for each cremation to be Carbon Positive?

First, we reduce environmental impact by selecting the most sustainable, eco-conscious materials and products available. For example, our custom cremation coffin is made using recycled cardboard and produces only one-third of the emissions during manufacturing compared with chipboard and timber products. Our coffins also produce fewer emissions when burnt, and are lined with a 100% biodegradable film, rather than plastic.

Next, with the help of data from ‘Lifecycles’, a Melbourne -based life cycle analysis consultancy, we calculate the carbon cost (footprint) of the services we provide, and offset that cost through carbon sequestering native planting programs.

Finally, we invest at least 10 times the carbon footprint of the service provided into bio-diverse plantings of native flora and related environmental restoration programs. It’s this final step that sets our services apart, by respecting life and creating a living memorial for you and your family.

With an Earth Direct Cremation, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the farewell you have chosen will make a lasting contribution to the life of our planet.